[Review] Siem Reap Angkor International airport, Cambodia. สนามบินนานาชาติเสียบเรียบ กัมพูชา

img_6060Riem Reap Angkor international airport is one of only three international airports in Cambodia along with Phnom Penh airport and Sihanouk airport. The gateway to one of the amazing world heritage in South East Asia, Angkor wat.  

This port is really quiet with less number of airlines operation here. Airport inside gives me feel alike to Bangkok airway’s based airport, Koh Samui. But it’s a little bit bigger. 

When I walked into the airport, I was so surprised by the designed(even though it’s pretty but i still prefer Koh Samui airport). REP airport looks so clean and well organized. 

I hop on a morning flight to KUL with Malaysia airasia. REP staff gave me safety feeling as they checked you flight details and also stopped people who sending you to cheking in counters even there weren’t busy at all. They only allowed passengers with valid tickets to those check in counters. 


The empty space appeared in front of you. I really dislike this becuase too lonely, Airport should have got many people walking around. Here was not the airport at all. Haha


See, this wasn’t early bird flight but it’s aboit eight something. There weren’t much passengers. Corridor designed in the simple way and showing a painting of Khmer symbol. 

Only two or three duty free shop plus a few restaurant. At the time, there were passengers from my flight to KUL and another Chinese flight back to mainland.  They departed before mine. 

We didn’t get any Jet bridges from the gate as I dont think the airport providing it. Only you need to walk thru a walk way to the aircraft. Well counld I called it’s a bus gate? I dont think so. 


While I was boarding to the Air Asia A320 there was WE flight or Thai smile texiing to park it plane at the same time. And also another local aircraft Bassaka Air parking next to us. 


Sky was so clear and nice weather. REP airport’s staffs were friendly but a bit slow. Overall I only dislike this airport about less people and less flights operation here. So underrated. I hope airlines with place thier aircrafts here soon. 


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