[Review] Light House, An awesome cafe and Bar in Surin city.


Today I had my chance to visit Surin, A province in northern east of Thailand. If you couldn’t picturing about Surin, I will tell you. Most of people may have known Surin from the Elephant festival, it is the biggest festival in Thailand or maybe in the world. But today I am not going to talk about it. Here is it, Light house cafe and bar in inner city of Surin is what i am going to talk about. 

Light house is located in inner Maung Surin opposite to Pech kasem plaza. I really love to sit in this place.  It not only gives me a peaceful time but friendly staffs were out standing. Thump up for them. 


Let’s have a look on their menu. Light house not only offers different type of coffee but also cakes, Thai sweet drinks and the special about here is they selling beers from all over the world. Prices aren’t that cheap but seasonable. 

I haven’t tried any food there but coffee is nice and the most I really about this place is the small yard inside the cafe. I feel really relax being here. I’ve been there many times.  They also offer you to recharge your phone or bring your computer for sit and working here. 


Most of the time the staffs were nice but sometimes I feel they are not really wanna talk to customers. well, I don’t know how could explain it. Let’s say when you are visiting Starbucks, there are many voices greeting you and make you a warm welcome. I hope they could have more interaction with customers more than this.  


In the end of the day, I think is it number one cafe in Surin, so if you have chances to visit here, I suggest you to visit here. 




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