[Review] Nok air Buriram – Bangkok(DMK) นกแอร์ บุรีรัมย์ – กรุงเทพ(ดอนเมือง)

Another memory back about a year ago with Nok airlines, a low-cost carrier in Thailand. At that time, I’d flown with them many times on route of Buriram – Bangkok Don Mueng international airport. Nok air operates 2 flights between BFV and DMK daily. Q400 and ATR72 are the mail aircraft flying here  but last time I had a chanced flying with SAAB340. screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-1-25-52-pm


Saab 340 is a Swedish twin-engine turboprop aircraft designed and initially produced, Its sharp looks so sexy. I didn’t realized I had been in the aircraft till I saw this. 


And also in the seat pocket had this staffs, Magazine, Meal menu and Safety card. The Seatpicht weren’t bad at all. it’s pretty comfortable for me as I’m 165 cm lol. Inside the place also had some space for crews walking by.

The standard size of overhead compartment also built in nicely. Nok serving light meals inflight but if you need more, you also could buy in flight. Nok air spent 40 mins took my from Buriram to Bangkok. It’s doesn’t bad at all for a short flight and you got light meal, drink and free loading bag. And of course with 7 kg carry on handbag. 

As a regional flight, Nok does really on their possition. Now Nok isn’t fly only domestic but flying short international routes like Yangon and Ho chi ninh city. 

another good choice here for Thai’s low cost airline. 


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