[Review] THAI Smile airways Bangkok – Ubon rachathani ไทยสมาย แอร์เวย์ กรุงเทพ – อุบลราชธานี

This is about the time to review the Thai Smiles airlines, a premium airlines in Thailand which is the regional wing of Thai Airways international. I’ve been flown with them many times because of my favorite Bangkok Airways stops flying to northeast of Thailand.

So I picked Thai Smiles or WE as my first priority when I have to fly to northeast provinces.


There are many flights serving Bangkok  to Ubon Ratchathani but most of them depart from DMK or Don mueng international airport. Only Thai smile or WE operates the route from BKK airport. 


I am boarding to the A320 of THAI Smiles, it looks pretty new and nice shades with two classes Eco and flex- Eco if i’m not wrong.  WE only operates Airbus A320 in their fleet and flying regional destination like domestic Thailand, Penang, some Chinese and Indian cities. 


There were safety card and magazines in the seats’ pocket. I love the pink shading on orange cabin crew uniform. Seat pitch is really comfortable. 

Thai smiles as a premium airline also offering light snack on board. It is a great way to face on Bangkok airways which is servicing hot meals onboard. The different is WE offers some seasonal meal onboard. For example the moon cake on lunar festival or Christmas snack during its period. In the short flight, I’ve got a small orange bag you can see in the photo. we can also take it home if you don’t wanna have it onboard  or you are already full. 


Let me talk about their services. Thanks god after Bangkok airways(my priority) stopped flying Northeastern routes in Thailand. I have changes to fly WE. They aren’t disappointed me at all. Cabin crew were so fresh, friendly and professional in the same time. Too bad they did not hired male cabin crew. Even though only girls are great enough.


They performed above other low cost airlines like Nokair, Thai air asia or Thai lion air. I think sooner they will be really to beating up my love Bangkok airway if PG freezing their services like this moment. 

I rate WE at 3.5 out of 5 and i will always taking it if i have to fly in their routes. 



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