Qatar Airways Business class Colombo to Doha


Well, I really had no time to write about the trip. I hoped on Qatar’s A340 from Sri Lanka, Colombo to the hub of Qatar airways, the civilized city of Doha.

A340 is really my favorite type so far along with Boeing 747. I’d enjoyed 4 engines aircrafts, but anyway after a ride on Boeing 787 I falling in love with it immediately. You know it, right?

Ok, let’s get back to our business. There are 4 daily flights serve between cities, 3 Qatar flights and 1 Sri lankan airlines.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 7.44.20 PM

I took a first flight QR 669, it on time taxiing at 3.25 in the morning.  To be honest, I ‘ve never flown with A340 before, I did not have any chances to ride on it but the time had came.

Stunning seats in front of me, I think it was a lie flat bed but I did not want to lie down myself at all. I moved it a little bit for my comfortable.  A hug personal screen was there with lists of movies, games, song and other.


Immediately I sat on my seat, A cabin crew handed a menu book to me and asked if I need some drinks and hot towel. I love the menu’s cover, it looks elegant and expensive. A glass of sparking water was already with before taking off.

Meals were served while I enjoyed The intern.( I LOVE ANNE)


I couldn’t not remember what I’ve had. Maybe a Greek cheeses and the main was something with chicken. I think it’s pretty smelly as other South Asian food. Some of you might loves it but me. I personally don’t really get used to with it.


Well, on this flight i didn’t explored that much but overall was fantastic. I can say that what people expected from the top airlines.

I rating this flight 4.5 out of 5 …

cheers and see you next flight .




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