Lao Central airlines Economy class B737-400 Bangkok – Vientiane

Few years ago I tried another airlines from Laos beside what I’d known only THAI, Bangkok Airways and Lao Airlines serve between two capitals in the region. They all offer pretty expensive fares. Later on, I found another Lao’s airlines called Lao Central Airlines was also flies THAI and LAO. But Unlucky, The airline operated only not so long period time. It was founded in 2010, and ceased operations in 2014.


I decided to try it immediately, 3,800 THB for return trip wasn’t bad at all. On Boeing 737 -400 itself looked pretty outdated but they did well maintenance. 

I placed myself in early morning at Bangkok International airport. Lao central Airlines ground staffs operated by THAI’s staff. It made me wowed  because they were a small airlines but they were able to pay for TG’s services instead of BFS services which I think it will be cheaper. Anyway, as TG standard the departure was so smooth. 

Even though, the aircraft looked outdated but the cabin had been maintenance quite well. The green colored on seats made a great interior designed. Flight Attendants dressed traditional Laos uniform (not so different between Thai, Lao and Khmer). Well presenting. Thump UP!!  The flight wasn’t full. Actually, it was less then I even thoughts. 

I thought because of there weren’t promote themselves as it should. Only a number of people knew it did fly. 

I would say it wasn’t a budget carrier because I’ve got free stuffs loaded and I also had meals onboard.  On my first flight I had a sandwich and the hot meal had served in the return flight.  Look!! It’s fine, right? For an hour flight. I love the green covered on everything in this Lao Central Airlines flights. 

I didn’t go to the toilet then I had no any ideas of it.  I finished my meal rapidly in same time that the plane about to landing. MeaKhong River laying down there to separating THAILAND and LAOS. It’s really short flight but full of memories. 


I arrived VTE or Wattay International Airport. It wasn’t busy at all because it’s so so so small. Whereas Vientiane International airport is a main hub of Laos but it only welcomes a few airlines and really costly. I am so glad Thai Air Asia started services among these two countries in 2016.  


Overall, I rated 3.5 out of 5 to the airlines as they gave a cheap opportunity to fly to Vientiane, Laos. 

Cabin crews had done their properly, Aircraft was ok and the services were great. 

By the way, I also hope Lao central airlines  will re-joining the game again. 


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